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If we are well versed with terminologies we will find that the female escort is nothing but the modern version of the courtesan. The duty of the courtesans was to entertain the men in the court. They were paid for their services and they were known as social companions who could meet the men in public which was otherwise prohibited and could accompany them if needed. Although the practice was prevalent in many ancient countries, the role of woman companion was socially recognized, although not actually socially accepted in Renaissance Europe. Now the profession is considered as a highly-paid job and you can find numerous examples. However the most famous remains the Lisbon escorte. If we compare prostitutes with female escorts we will find that there are a lot of differences.

Most of the female escorts especially the Lisbon escort girls are well-trained and they are better educated. They are stylish and they know the etiquettes of the high society. They are perfectly groomed to accompany high-profile clients in social gatherings which comprise only the cream of the society. They almost make the men feel complete and act as girlfriends and intimate lovers. If there was a hierarchy, then the female escorts would be definitely at the top.

Most of the high class escort girls can be hired from prestigious Lisbon escort agencies ( who train their girls well. They are well-behaved and remain above prostitutes and madams. Their job is to accompany men and they do not take resort to lowly methods to attract the attention of men. They are groomed in such a manner that they look as well-bred women fit to be in high society. Escorts are like mistresses. They are respected for their companionship and they are generally supported by rich people who like to splurge money on them. They are excusive and their exclusivity has a price. A female escort is like a paid companion. So if we look at the terms, escorting is almost like ?compensated dating?. In case of compensated dating the whole thing is short-lived and sometimes it may or may not involve physical intimacy. The female escorts especially Lisbon escorte charge a high amount for their time. They are given almost everything during this brief companionship. However there is no question of matchmaking. Everything in this case is extremely short-lived. There are many who distinguish between prostitution and escorting. In case of prostitution the client pays for the sex. In case of escorting the women are paid for the time spent. Moreover in both the cases there should be consent among the adults. If you do not want any long-term relationship, you can always go for female escorts. You will enjoy their company. If you want to know about them in details, you can browse through It is one of the leading Lisbon escorte agence.


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